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Document Management in Seattle

Written by Anna Shelestova - Director on . Posted in Blog.

The urgency for environmental stewardship has never been greater, especially as climate change rapidly intensifies. One often overlooked area in our drive towards sustainability is document management. In this context, how do our paper-consuming habits in Washington State and beyond affect our planet?

Unfolding the Paper Trail in Seattle Offices

The United States, including bustling business hubs like Seattle, consumes 12.1 trillion sheets of paper every year, contributing significantly to deforestation. The average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets yearly, and much of this ends up in landfills interestingly, 30% of print jobs remain uncollected from printers. Such rampant use isn't limited to any particular sector. While industries like healthcare might have a larger paper trail, the essence remains: there's an overarching reliance on paper, even in our digitized age. 

Thankfully, recent times have shown the adaptability of businesses. The pandemic-induced shifts, for instance, showcased how quickly enterprises can embrace new modes of operation. Thus, transitioning to electronic archives from paper shouldn't be a mammoth task. These statistics highlight the need for document digitization, a solution that can significantly reduce this waste. 

The Necessity of Going Paperless

Digital transformations, like going paperless, have been increasingly facilitated by technology companies. Adobe's Acrobat Sign is a case in point, transforming traditional paper-based activities like signing contracts into digital processes. By doing so, you're not just a consumer; you're an environmental activist driving climate solutions.

Climate Crisis and Its Connection to Document Management

According to the IPCC's 2018 report, we're veering off track in combating global warming. Trees, our natural carbon dioxide absorbers, are being felled at an alarming rate for paper. It's crucial for businesses, especially in eco-conscious cities like Seattle, Washington State, to consider document digitization and scanning document services as a way to mitigate these environmental impacts.

Taking Sustainable Actions: Document Scanning Services and More

Corporate giants like IKEA have made strides in sustainability, but what about small businesses in Seattle and Washington State? Simple yet effective solutions include:

  • Adopting a document scanning service to convert physical archives into digital formats.
  • Utilizing e-signing platforms, effectively contributing to the go paperless movement.
  • Ensuring paper waste is recycled, perhaps by outsourcing this task to responsible services like ScanHouse America.

Boosting Efficiency Through Document Digitization

Turning to document digitization isn't just eco-friendly; it's also efficient. Studies have shown that an employee can waste nearly 60 hours a year just looking for documents. In contrast, a digital document management system can locate a record among 238 million in just 4 seconds.

Take the Leap: Go Paperless in Seattle

If you're based in Seattle or anywhere in Washington State and are contemplating going paperless, the time is now. We offer document scanning services, guiding you on what needs to be retained digitally and what can be recycled responsibly.

Conclusion: Drive Climate Solutions Today

In our battle against climate change, every action counts. As businesses or individuals, considering a document scanning service or going paperless is more than a mere operational shift; it's a step towards driving climate solutions. If this sounds like a journey you want to embark on, don't hesitate to contact ScanHouse America today.

We are experts at scanning your documents in Seattle. To get a free Quote Request today, fill out the form on our site or give us a call at (425) 818-1221. We’ll be in contact to help you with your project. 

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