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Professional Book Formatting

with Digital and Hardcopy Customization

As a professional scanning and digitizing company, we do more than just scan documents, copy books, and turn hardcopy into digital works; we can also copy, create, and print books complete with original designs and layouts. And whether you’re looking to sell a book or just digitize beautiful art we’ve got the tools and the experience to ensure clean transition.

ScanHouse America offers end-to-end custom services to turn existing books into professional-grade copies usable as eBooks, hardcopy books, and other digital avenues. All to help expand your creative offerings or business outlets seamlessly.

Our team of designers offers the following services:

Cover design

Crafting aesthetic and market-driven covers

Interior formatting

Formatting book interiors for print and eBooks

eBook creation

Transforming scanning books into layout eBooks

Book printing

High-quality book printing services to bring your book to life in physical form

Business-Ready Book Creation

Be it book printing, book design, or compiling valuable documents such as letters or business materials we can help ensure your brand continues to grow and evolve. Our digital and hardcopy services can be used for connecting with customers and clients, enhancing staff morale, or cataloging valuable data and information. We can scan and copy books utilizing digital files or hardcopy options, convert hardcopy books to eBooks, and even design and create books from scratch. All to maximize your ability to connect with and engage people in limitless ways.

Expand Personal Art and Design Projects

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Whether you’re a writer, artist, or other creative type you want to make sure what you’ve created gets shared with the world, but you also want to protect yourself with additional copies you can lean back on in case of an emergency. We can copy, digitize, and/or recreate letters, drawings, art, manuscripts, and even newspapers to ensure your content is shareable and looks amazing even as a recreation.

Customization Made Simple

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True book design is more than a simple copy and paste. It’s about tailoring a digital or hardcopy piece of work that really expresses information with vibrance, conciseness, or creativity. At ScanHouse America we employ a wide range of aesthetic options to help you create the ideal content including layouts, type fonts and sizes, chapter headings, correct margins and line spacing, enhanced formats, and so much more. All to ensure better quality from top to bottom and front to back.

Record Keeping, Sales, or Data Backup

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There are numerous reasons why you’d want to have books created and printed. And be it personal or business-related we can create/make a book with utmost professional, so you can always have backup copies that support your short- and long-term goals. If you’re looking to have existing books, papers, or hardcopy content scanned, copied, printed, and ready to be pushed out then let ScanHouse America help you sell a book or keep your records in check. We’re sure to make provide quality recreations that are second to none.

Personalized Book Development Opportunities

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Every business goal and personal request is unique, especially when it comes to designing custom-made books. That’s why we offer a plethora of unique options to better support your long-term copy efforts and your customer accessibility needs. Reach out today to talk about your next project and let us show you why ScanHouse America offers the #1 book scanning and creation service in America.

FAQs Ebook and Print Interior Formatting Services:

Do you have a book formatting service near me?

Our book formatting service is located in Seattle, Washington. We have a Free pickup or delivery of originals from/to your location within the Greater Seattle Area.

However, we can scan and layout book projects for clients from the United States.

What is formatting for eBooks?

An eBook formatting service takes the content of your book and converts it to meet the standard for an eBook format. This includes formatting for digital eBook platforms like Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, and more.

What book genres do you format?
ScanHouse America format for many genres. This includes non-fiction formatting, fiction formatting, and more.
What is different about the reflowable or fixed layout book?

Reflowable and fixed layout formats cater to different eBook content and reading experiences. Reflowable format is adaptable, automatically adjusting text to fit various screen sizes, making it ideal for text-centric books like novels and educational materials. This format allows readers to customize font size and style, enhancing readability across devices. On the other hand, fixed layout eBooks maintain a consistent design, mirroring the exact layout of printed pages. This format is perfect for visually rich publications such as children's books, cookbooks, and graphic novels, where maintaining the design and placement of text and images is crucial.

The main differences between these formats lie in flexibility and content suitability. Reflowable format offers greater adaptability and customization for the reader, adjusting to different screen sizes and user preferences. Fixed layout, however, provides a uniform visual experience across all devices, preserving the book's original design. This makes it less flexible but essential for books where visual elements are integral to the content. Choosing between reflowable and fixed layout depends on the nature of the book's content, the intended reading experience, and the importance of visual elements in conveying the book's message.

What elements should be included on the front page of a book?
The author name, book title with proper font size, and imagery. The appropriate imagery varies based on whether it is a fiction book, non-fiction book, or a children's book to name a few.
What do you need to format my book?
To start working on your book formatting, we need your final, manuscript in electronic format, information about your book and genre, and few extra details specific to the layout of your book (such as publishing platform, and book size).
Do you create both the design and typesetter?
Yes, ScanHouse America create both the design, layout, and composition so your book will be appealing to your target audience and ready for final print or e-book production.
What if I want to make changes to the formatted draft you have sent?
That’s not a problem. We provide two formatting changes.
Do eBooks Need a Fixed Layout?
It all depends on what type of eBook you’re writing. Fixed Layout files allow your eBook to display images and text the same way across different eBook readers. eBooks that would benefit from Fixed Layout files include illustrated children’s books, cookbooks, graphic novels, and coffee table books. Our team of experts can turn your finished manuscript into an eBook with a Fixed Layout created for Amazon’s Kindle and Apple Books.
How is Fixed Layout different from a PDF?
Fixed-layout ebooks use the EPUB file format or an interactive PDF file to create the ebook. They can also be sold and purchased through third-party retailers, such as Apple’s iBookstore and Amazon. These ebooks feature two-page spreads and page-turn animations in the iPad and Kindle Fire to give you the experience of reading a traditional print book. PDFs, on the other hand, cannot be purchased through the iBookstore or through Amazon. While a PDF can be saved and viewed on Apple or Kindle devices they don't have the full-display capabilities of a fixed-layout ebook.
What is an ISBN?

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique identifier required to sell your book through most major retailers, like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. An ISBN is usually a series of digits combined with a bar code. Check out the FAQs at for more information on ISBNs.

Where can I scan a book?

Our secure book scanning facility is located near Seattle, Washington. We have a Free pickup or delivery of originals from/to your location within the Greater Seattle Area.

However, we can scan document projects for clients from in and around Washington State and surrounding areas in the United States.

We can also send you any document you require in electronic form if you need it before the scanning project is through.

Seattle Scanning Service by ScanHouse America offers comprehensive document scanning services in and near Seattle, Washington, as well as throughout Washington State and the surrounding regions in the United States.

My book has multiple languages on the same page. Will it convert correctly?
We use an advanced multi-lingual OCR process that can convert many languages except for Arabic, Farsi, and South Asian languages such as Sanskrit.

Transform your manuscript into a print book