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The maximum security is

when WE come to your office.


There is a number of individuals who worry that our services may be a breach of security in some ways, particularly because the last thing the company wants is to have their documents leaving the building and out of sight. This problem is addressed easily by an additional option being available from ScanHouse America. You can have your documents and files scanned and processed by our professionals in your office, where they will be safe and sound until returned back into the storage. This on-site document scanning service is a terrific advantage for those who work with controlled or one-of-a-kind documents.

Call us. We will bring all necessary equipment: scanners, tools for preparation as well as for post-scanning processes. We provide the professional staff who is experienced to handle all the steps that may come up during the work on-site.

After project is complete and files are handed over to you, the operator will perform the data sanitizing process to make sure that no information leaves your premises, either on paper or in electronic format.

For those who prefer or require their documents to be processed off-site, we also offer outsourced scanning services. With this service, we ensure the same level of professionalism and security, as documents are securely transported to our processing facility and handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

FAQs: On-site and Off-site Document Scanning Service

What is On-site Document Scanning?

On-site Document Scanning is a service where documents are digitized at the client's location. This process involves using specialized scanners to convert paper documents into electronic formats, such as PDF or JPEG.

On-site Document Scanning service is ideal for scanning sensitive or high-volume documents that cannot be transported due to security, confidentiality, or logistical reasons. This service ensures documents remain on-premises, maintaining their integrity and confidentiality while allowing for easy access and storage in digital form.

Why Choose On-site Document Scanning?
Choosing On-site Document Scanning is beneficial for its security, convenience, and efficiency. It allows sensitive or confidential documents to be scanned without leaving your office, reducing the risk of loss or breach. This method is particularly suitable for handling large volumes of documents or those of a sensitive nature. On-site document scanning services in Seattle also speed up the digitization process, as transportation time is eliminated, ensuring quicker access to digital files and facilitating smoother workflow and document management.
What is Off-site Document Scanning?

Off-site Document Scanning is a service where physical documents are taken to an external location to be digitized. This process involves scanning paper documents into digital formats such as PDF or JPEG, making them easier to store, access, and share.

Off-site Document Scanning service is ideal for organizations with large volumes of paperwork but limited resources or space, this service ensures documents are scanned professionally, maintaining quality and confidentiality. Offsite scanning is a practical solution for archiving, managing, and retrieving documents efficiently.

Why Choose Off-site Document Scanning?
Off-site Document Scanning is chosen for its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. It involves sending documents to a specialized facility where they are scanned using advanced equipment. This option is ideal for large-scale projects or when onsite resources are limited. It offers professional handling, and quick processing, and often includes additional services like indexing and secure destruction of originals.
Is outsourced document scanning secure?
Yes, when you hire a reputable scanning company like ScanHouse America. We abide by strict security protocols and we never hire temporary workers for projects, so you know your records are being scanned by an experienced operator. ScanHouse America uses advanced encryption to protect data during transmission and storage.
Do you have a document scanning service near me?

Our secure document scanning facility is located near Seattle, Washington. We have a Free pickup or delivery of originals from/to your location within the Greater Seattle Area.
However, we can scan document projects for clients from in and around Washington State
and surrounding areas in the United States.
We can also send you any document you require in electronic form if you need it before the scanning project is through.