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Optical Character Recognition


Optical character recognition also known as OCR is the process that is used when converting scanned images of typewritten or printed text into popular computer editing formats such as MS Word, Excel or just plain text and allowing the documents to be electronically recognized into the record-keeping system in an office, or to publish on a website. OCR allows you to edit the text, search for a word or phrase, display or print a copy without any scanning artifacts. Using the most current technology to scan and process documents is how the accuracy of the product is ensured.

The software used to convert your documents is the best of a kind. The accuracy is exceeding 99% and with that allows for a reduction in the manual reviewing of the entire document for errors and omissions. This puts more time for the operator into reviewing uncertainties highlighted by the program and makes it even closer to 100% accurate. This process has come a long way in the last few years allowing for the client to feel confident in the results. You will not have to worry if the document has been converted properly and accurately with this software.

Each project is considered to be special and will be tailored to meet the needs of the client. The nature of the project will be taken into consideration when the work is performed and great care is taken to ensure that the quality is obvious in the work. You can trust that the staff has treated the project as if it was their very own and with great respect and care to ensure the highest quality outcome. Choosing the OCR is the best way to ensure the best product for your client and to ensure that you are known as turning out high quality product to those in the industry.

FAQs: Optical Character Recognition

What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. When you scan a document, the first outcome is an image of the page. The text on this page isn't stored as "Text" per se; to us, it appears as text, but it's really a collection of pixels forming text-like shapes. Consequently, in the initial scan, there's no actual text in the image. Following this, we use specialized software to analyze these pixel-based shapes. This software compares these shapes with real text characters to find the closest match, ultimately generating a corresponding text file. This converted text can then be used to search for specific words or phrases that were present in the original paper document.

Is the OCR result correct?

The OCR result is only as good as the original hard copy image that it was scanned from. If the original was clearly printed machine text, then the OCR result can be as accurate as 98% or 99% at the character level. However, if the text on the original was obstructed, or if the original page images were weak in contrast or poor in image quality, then the accuracy of the OCR will quickly diminish.

Can you scan my paper to an MS Word format?

Yes, the OCR result can be saved to .doc or .docx format, but understand that much of the formatting characteristics, such as tab indenting, and numbered or bulleted lines will be lost or not carry the actual formatting characteristics.

Do you have a document scanning service near me?

Our secure document scanning facility is located near Seattle, Washington. We have a Free pickup or delivery of originals from/to your location within the Greater Seattle Area.

However, we can scan document projects for clients from in and around Washington State.
We can also send you any document you require in electronic form if you need it before the scanning project is through.