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Document Scanning Services

in Seattle

Transform your Filing System with ScanHouse America!

Minimize Paper Storage and Improve Business Record Keeping

As we move further into a digital age it’s important businesses move their hardcopy records into more accessible forms that improve the speed at which they access and employ past, current, and future data.

ScanHouse America, serving Seattle and surrounding areas, helps you move forward at lightspeed by scanning old documents into a digital format that helps save space, improve business efficiency, and better protect records as your brand grows and evolves.

Perfect for making data and information available on your computer and in the cloud our services help you stay a step ahead of your business goals.

Smart, Simplified Organization

End-to-End Digitization Efforts:

Digital Security

Store and protect files from loss, theft, or degradation.

Remote Accessibility

Expand staff access to valuable data and information.

Space-Saving Support

Reduce storage clutter and improve office organization.

Streamline Information

Search and access data with just a few simple keywords.

Document Scanning and Labeling

Expand digital file accessibility with precision scanning and organized searchability across a wide range of internal and external documents.

Professional digitizing efforts include:

  • Personal Office Documents

    Scanning personal office documents, such as emails, memos, reports, and plans, streamlines workflow and reduces physical storage needs. Services like personal document scanning ensures secure conversion into digital formats, enhancing data retrieval and sharing capabilities. By utilizing file scanning services companies can further optimize their document management processes, ensuring that all physical documents are converted into digital files for easier access and management.

  • Medical Records

    Confidential document scanning services transform sensitive medical files, including patient histories, treatment records, and diagnostic reports, into secure digital formats, ensuring privacy and compliance with healthcare regulations. Documents digitization facilitates quick access, improving patient care and operational efficiency in healthcare settings. Paper scanning services are also crucial in this transformation process, converting physical documents into digital archives, further enhancing data accessibility and security.

  • Legal Documents

    Legal document scanning services, including those specifically focused on legal scanning services, securely organize case files, contracts, legal briefs, and correspondence. These сonfidential document scanning services offer a way to preserve the integrity of sensitive information while making it readily accessible for review and analysis, enhancing the efficiency of legal practices.

  • Historic Archives

    Scanning historic archives protects manuscripts, letters, photographs, and maps from deterioration. Archive scanning services enable the conversion of large volumes of historical records into digital formats, preserving them for future generations and making them accessible for educational and research purposes. By scanning old documents, archive scanning services play a crucial role in safeguarding our cultural heritage and ensuring that invaluable information is not lost to time.

  • Municipal Records

    Scanning municipal records helps local governments manage public records, including permits, meeting minutes, regulatory documents, and land use plans, more efficiently. Personal document scanning services facilitate improved service delivery to the community by enabling quick and easy access to important information.

  • Client and Project Paperwork

    Scanning client and project paperwork, such as contracts, proposals, and project plans, streamlines project management and client relations. Confidential document scanning services ensure secure handling, enhancing collaboration and enabling businesses to deliver projects more effectively.

  • HR & Accounting

    HR and accounting document scanning transforms employee records, payroll documents, tax filings, and financial statements into easily managed digital formats. Commercial scanning services support compliance, audit readiness, and streamlined human resource and financial operations, contributing to overall business efficiency.

  • Budget Invoices and Receipts

    Scanning budget invoices and receipts, including expense reports, purchase orders, and financial receipts, simplifies financial tracking and budgeting processes. Bulk document scanning services allow businesses to securely store financial transactions and access them quickly for reporting, analysis, and reimbursement processes, enhancing financial management.

  • Sales Orders and Logistics

    Scanning sales orders and logistics documents such as order slips, delivery notes, and inventory lists optimizes work to improve supply chain and sales operations. Confidential document scanning services enable quick access to shipping documents, purchase orders, and sales agreements, improving order fulfillment times and customer satisfaction.

  • Personal Files, Notes, and Messages

    Scanning personal files, notes, messages, diaries, and informal communications ensures secure and organized storage of personal information. Personal document scanning services offer individuals and businesses a way to preserve personal communications, ideas, and records in a digital format, facilitating easy access and sharing.

Instantly Access Your Scanned Files from Anywhere

laptop and files
  • Scan data across all documents quickly and access information via keywords or phrases.
  • Store vital information in the cloud, local servers, external hard drives, or flash drives.
  • Safeguard digital files and documents on an online server backed by data protection.
  • Improve long-term access with safe, secure data backups that are accessible anywhere.
  • Save valuable space in the office and make room for more staff or logistics needs.

Document scanning saves your time and money!

doctor searches charts

Paper files take up a ton of space, especially for older or fast-growing businesses that are constantly collecting data and information.

Scanning and digitizing this data can minimize the amount of room you’ll need which can help you downsize building space, increase staffing availability, and even increase budget capital. More importantly, it allows you to track, access, or share information more readily which helps save you time, money, and effort throughout each workday. It also means more time supporting customers and clients and less downtime searching old records.

Protect Your Essential Papers!

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Loose paperwork isn’t just harder to access and search through it can also become a major security problem should it be exposed to water or fire damage, theft, or even loss over time. Digitizing this content allows you to better secure customer, business, and financial data while also reducing the chance content can be stolen or lost.

ScanHouse America scans and digitizes your information which is accessible locally and via the cloud, so you better protect it from all the challenges that could potentially arise.

Customized Labeling and Grouping Efforts

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One of the best aspects of moving hardcopy data into digital form is that it allows you to finely tune your labeling and organizing efforts. In fact, we can create multiple folders, subfolders, and headings to streamline your data far beyond traditional paper filing.

This lets you cross-reference multiple materials and information types with a few keywords, so you can further hone and enhance to content you’re saving or distributing.

We keep your documents secure

Your data is valuable as is your clients’ personal information. That’s why we’re focused on providing a professional scanning and digitization process that prevents outside access to your data from beginning to end. Our team maintains strict security to ensure no content is ever unaccounted for and no data is accessible to outside sources.

All records are kept confidential and protected via our encrypted document storage efforts, so you maintain full control over your data. We can even provide/restore paper copies or shred files depending on your particular needs.

On-Site Digitization

If you’ve got too many documents to send us and need a more on-site solution, we’ve got you covered. We can provide on-site support to save you even more time and effort.

Say Goodbye to Messy Office Space!

Improve Business Speed and Efficiency!

It’s time to move your business forward. Send us your paper documents, folders, and information with detailed instruction on your digital conversion needs and we’ll create a plan that moves all your data to the digital world. And all with accessibility and convenience that benefits your business, brand, and long-term goals. Let us convert your documents today and make it easier to expand your sales efforts, internal communications, and staff capabilities.

  1. You send us your paper documents with instructions on how you want their digital versions to be organized.
  2. We scan all those paper documents with top quality scanners in our secure facility.
  3. We index and name your files so you can find them easily in computerized folders.
  4. If requested, and once you've confirmed the quality of your scanned documents, we can also destroy your paper documents for extra security measures.


What is document scanning?

Document Scanning is the process of converting hard-copy paper documents into electronic file formats, such as PDF, TIFF, or JPEG. This process helps in reducing storage costs and enables easier searching and sharing of documents with others.

What are bulk document scanning services?

Bulk document scanning services involve the process of converting large volumes of physical documents into digital format. This document scanning service is particularly useful for organizations that need to digitize their archives, such as office documents, libraries with extensive book collections, or medical facilities with patient records.

The service typically includes preparing the documents (like removing staples and straightening papers), scanning documents using high-speed scanners, and then indexing the digital files in a structured manner. Advanced services may also offer optical character recognition (OCR) to make the documents searchable and editable.

This process helps save physical storage space, enhances data security, and improves the accessibility and manageability of the information contained in these documents.

ScanHouse America provides bulk document scanning services near Seattle, Washington, and around Washington State and surrounding areas in the United States.

Do you offer pick-up service?
Our secure document scanning service is located near Seattle, Washington. We have a Free pickup or delivery of originals from/to your location within the Greater Seattle Area. Contact us to inquire if we’d be willing to pick them up.
Can you handle personal information?

Yes, ScanHouse America's scanning facilities adhere to HIPAA standards, ensuring the secure handling and digitization of documents with PHI (Protected Health Information) and PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

How much does a document scanning service cost?

We offer a FREE, no-obligation quote for our document scanning services. All you have to do is call (425) 818-1221 or fill out our online form.
The cost of a scanning project can vary widely based on the size, format, and condition of the original documents as well as the type of services you require such as HIPAA, shredding, or optical character recognition (OCR).

How do you calculate the number of documents that require scanning?

A standard banker box of documents holds between 2,000 and 2,500 pages. A large box holds between 4,000 and 4,500 pages. Both numbers vary based on how tightly packed the boxes are and how many folders are in the box.
You can estimate between 150 and 200 pages per inch for paper on a shelf or in file cabinets. That number varies based on how tightly packed the shelves or drawers are and how many folders are in them.
Remember that a duplex or two-sided page counts as two pages. Grab a few folders and get a rough estimate of the percentage of the two-sided pages in your collection. Then, multiply that percentage by the total number of pages.
These numbers serve as an estimate of the total number of pages you need to be scanned. So, while they are not exact, they do give us a pretty good idea about your overall volume.

What is the average cost of scanning business documents?

Letter and legal paper documents cost between $0.07 and $0.25 per page to scan.

  • The volume of pages you need to be scanned.
  • The prep work needed to ready the documents for scanning.
  • The necessity for optical character recognition (OCR) or redaction in the documents.
  • Whether the scanning job is urgent.
  • The method of indexing or naming the digital files.
  • The decision to either destroy or return the original documents.
  • The process of formatting and integrating the digital records into your document management system.
What are the industry-specific scanning services ScanHouse America offers?

The document scanning services we offer include:

  • Scanning for legal documents
  • Medical record scanning
  • Document scanning for the manufacturing sector
  • Scanning services for the Construction, Engineering, and Architecture (AEC) industries
  • Scanning of general business documents
  • Scanning services for educational institutions
  • Government document scanning
  • Financial document scanning
  • HR document scanning
How safe is your scanning service?
At ScanHouse America, we prioritize data security and use industry-specific encryption protocols to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive records.
What types of scanning services are available?

ScanHouse America offers wide format and small format document scanning services.
See a full list of the types of documents we can scan:

• Legal Document scanning
• HR / Employee Records Scanning Services
• Archives
Large format scanning services
Blueprint and map scanning services
Books scanning
Medical and HIPAA-compliant scanning services

What sizes of paper can you scan?

We can scan paper as small as a business card, all the way up to Maps and Drawings 48” wide by any length.

If my paper documents contain color charts or colored text, will the color be retained?

Yes, be sure to ask for "Color" or "Auto-Color" when requesting scanning documents services. Auto-Color is a technique in which the scanning device analyzes the page image during scanning. If the original page has color, the scanned images will be saved in color. If the original page is devoid of color, the images will be saved in black and white.

How can ScanHouse America Document Scanning services help my business?

The document scanning services provided by ScanHouse America enable full digital access to your physical documents. Our services facilitate swift document search, adherence to document retention policies, and continuous scanning of new documents. Additionally, We can also support you with document information in the cloud storage and easy access via mobile devices.

Seattle Scanning Service by ScanHouse America offers comprehensive bulk document scanning services in and near Seattle, Washington, as well as throughout Washington State and the surrounding regions in the United States.

What are the typical file formats for scanning my documents?

95% of all paper documents we scan will be converted to a PDF file. We occasionally convert documents into TIFF file format, among other formats, depending on specific needs.

Will I be able to search the text on my document?

As long as the printed text is machine printed (not hand-printed), and it is clean, readable text, and not obstructed, then the text can be captured using OCR technology to allow the PDF to be content searchable.

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology that enables images to be converted into searchable data. After we scan documents, each letter in your document will be searchable. It is not 100% accurate but it works.

Is the OCR result correct?

The OCR result is only as good as the original hard copy image that it was scanned from. If the original was clearly printed machine text, then the OCR result can be as accurate as 98% or 99% at the character level. However, if the text on the original was obstructed, or if the original page images were weak in contrast or poor in image quality, then the accuracy of the OCR will quickly diminish.

Can you scan my paper to an MS Word format?

Yes, the OCR result can be saved to .doc or .docx format, but understand that much of the formatting characteristics, such as tab indenting, and numbered or bulleted lines will be lost or not carry the actual formatting characteristics.

Can you tell me more about your Photo scanning services?

The photo scan quality is 600 dpi. We believe that this is the best quality for the price. After scanning, your digital photos are resized and saved in a .JPG format.

What if my document is old and fragile?
The document scanners we use are designed to handle fragile documents without damaging them.
What do you do with paper after completing scanning?
After the scanning process is done, we assemble the files and send them back to our clients. We offer shredding service as well at our customers’ request.
Do you have a document scanning service near me?

Our secure document scanning facility is located near Seattle, Washington. We have a Free pickup or delivery of originals from/to your location within the Greater Seattle Area.
However, we can scan document projects for clients from in and around Washington State
and surrounding areas in the United States.
We can also send you any document you require in electronic form if you need it before the scanning project is through.

Are scanned invoices legal?
Scanning of a paper document can be used as a backup.
What if my document has information on both sides?
Our Scanners are designed to scan both sides of each piece of paper simultaneously, so the paper only passes through the scanner one time.
Why should I scan my legal records?
Legal document scanning can significantly cut down on the amount of paper you have to handle, transfer, and file daily. Regardless of the size of your firm, scanning documents to an electronic or cloud storage system ensures that your documents are properly secured, protecting yours.
Will I be able to search the text on my document?
As long as the printed text is machine-printed (not hand-printed), and it is clean, readable, and not obstructed, then the text can be captured using OCR technology to allow the PDF to be content searchable.
I have documents bound in books that cannot be unbound. Can you scan these?
Yes, we have specialized Book Scanners that are used to capture the page images from bound books, without having to remove the pages or unbind the books.
How do I scan an official document?
We scan the legal documents at 200-400 dpi and save them as a PDF.

Contact us for more information about our end-to-end scanning and digitization efforts.