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Expand your possibilities

with large format scanning

Our wide format scanners precisely capture the finest details of large documents, including architectural designs, blueprints, maps, and beyond, enabling instantaneous collaboration and effortless file sharing.

We do wide format

Simplify the way you store and share large documents


Digital files can be compactly stored on CD, thumb drive, or uploaded to an online server


Send perfect copies of your work without worrying about damaging the original


High quality imaging allows you to zoom in for more detailed viewing


Your wide format digital files can be duplicated and printed from any location

Our wide format scanners accurately accommodate:

stack of architectural plans
  • Architectural drawings

    Digitizing architectural drawings, including floor plans, elevations, and sections, allows for efficient management and sharing of detailed construction documents. Large format scanning services convert these intricate designs into digital formats, facilitating easy access for revisions, collaboration, and archiving. This process enhances project workflow and supports the preservation of valuable architectural records.

  • Blueprints

    Large format scanning of blueprints transforms these essential engineering and architectural documents into digital files. This conversion enables secure storage, easy sharing among project stakeholders, and efficient revisions. Digital blueprints are crucial for maintaining accuracy in construction projects, facilitating quick access to detailed plans and specifications.

  • Large photos or artwork

    Digitizing large photos or artwork preserves the visual integrity of these pieces while making them accessible for display, reproduction, or archival purposes. Large format scanning services capture the detail and color of original artworks, allowing artists, galleries, and collectors to share and preserve their valuable collections in high-quality digital formats.

  • Drawings and diagrams

    Scanning drawings and diagrams, including technical schematics, electrical circuits, and mechanical layouts, supports efficient project management and technical review. Large format digitization ensures these critical documents are readily available for teams, enhancing collaboration and accuracy in engineering, manufacturing, and design projects.

  • Maps

    Digitizing maps through large format scanning services enables accurate preservation and easy access to geographical information. This is essential for urban planning, environmental research, and historical studies. Digital maps offer interactive exploration and can be integrated into GIS systems for enhanced analysis and decision-making.

  • Posters & Paintings

    Large format scanning of posters and paintings allows for the digital preservation of these artworks and promotional materials. This technology captures high-resolution images that can be used for reproductions, online displays, and archival storage, ensuring the longevity and accessibility of visual content.

  • Newspapers

    Digitizing historic and current newspapers preserves journalistic records and makes them accessible for research, education, and historical reference. Large format scanning services convert newspapers into searchable digital archives, safeguarding them against physical degradation and enabling easy access to valuable information and cultural history.

Our wide format scanner can scan documents up to 44 inches wide by virtually any length, in either colour or black and white.

More efficient collaboration on projects

construction people using electronic tablet on-site

Once a technical drawing or a construction blueprint has been scanned into digital format, the work on those documents becomes exponentially more efficient by saving you the time it takes to send hard copies back and forth, not to mention unrolling and re-packing large originals. Any number of collaborators can have full access to the files to be able to send team messages about them in an instant.

Imagine hassle free travel for your presentations:

no need to lug heavy plans around

doctor searches charts

No longer do you have to lug around or send large architectural plans. Now, you can digitally share wide-format designs and layouts with clients for review and approval. Transmit them to local printers where your presentations, meetings, conferences, and tradeshows are held to eliminate unnecessary weight and potential travel damages.

Communicate your digitized ideas

young man using tablet computer and lying on the floor

Present your vision in it’s entirety without being limited by time and space. Converting a scanned original into digital format allows you to grant access to anyone at anytime regardless of their location. Sharing digital files also cuts down the use of paper resources which is great for both the environment and your wallet.

The Process

  1. Provide us with the large print needing a wide format scanner, or you can send it via courier, or utilize our pickup services.

  2. We'll process your originals using our sheet-fed wide format scanner, ensuring impeccable digital reproductions.

  3. Your originals will be returned in the condition they were received.

FAQs: Large Format Scanning Services

Where can I scan a large document?

If you want to digitize a large volume of blueprints, architectural drawings, or other large documents, ScanHouse America can help. Contact us to get some free guidance and a quote for services. We regularly provide high volume large format scanning services for engineering firms, architects, electrical engineers, and any other business that requires specialty scanning services.
Our secure document scanning facility is located near Seattle, Washington. We have a Free pickup or delivery of originals from/to your location within the Greater Seattle Area.
However, we can scan document projects for clients from in and around Washington State and surrounding areas in the United States.
We can also send you any document you require in electronic form if you need it before the scanning project is through.

What is the fastest way to scan large files?

ScanHouse America can scan the drawings within 1-2 days.

What are big format scanners?

Our scanners can handle originals up to 48” wide by any length.

What Are Some Common Large Format Documents?

A few of the most common large format documents you may encounter includes:

  • Architectural drawings and blueprints
  • Engineering diagrams
  • Large non-standard book pages
  • Newspaper sheets
  • Maps
  • Technical drawings
  • Schematics
  • Paintings and posters
  • Medical images including X-rays and CT scans
  • Pages from large books
  • Certificates or awards 

Below is a diagram that shows you the various large format document sizes and how they compare.

What types of large format documents can you scan?

Most common large format documents, we can scan:

  • Engineering drawings
  • Topographic maps
  • Site/Plan drawings
  • Sketches & Artwork
  • Newspaper sheets
  • Architectural renderings
  • Building plans or drawings
  • Part Drawings
  • Blueprint drawings
  • Manufactured product designs
  • Schematics
  • Specifications
How much will a large format scanning service cost?

Large format scanning costs between $1 and $5 per page to scan.

We offer a FREE, no-obligation quote for our large format scanning services. All you have to do is call (425) 818-1221 or fill out our online form.

How do I scan a blueprint?
We use high-quality wide scanners for scanning. We scan at 200-600 dpi to get the highest quality image, in Black and White, Grayscale, or Color.
How do you Digitize old Blueprints?
Old blueprints require specialized attention. Many drawings are old and torn. We repair the drawings before they are scanned.
How long does it take to scan blueprints?
ScanHouse America can scan the drawings within 1-2 days.
Where can I get blueprints scanned?
ScanHouse America scans large format documents like engineering blueprints near Seattle. We have state-of-the-art production scanners with software that makes old crinkly blueprints look much better than the faded originals that have suffered wear and tear with age.
What if my blueprints is old and fragile?
The document scanners we use are designed to handle fragile documents without damaging them.
What is the difference between digitizing and scanning?
Document imaging takes an analog version of content and creates a digital, read-only copy that can't be edited or manipulated. Digitizing, on the other hand, converts a hard copy of a document—usually paper—and converts it to text. Digitizing typically incorporates an optical character recognition (OCR) program.
What if my documents have color graphs or photos?
Our scanners have the technology to detect if color is present on the original, and if so, will retain the scanned image in color to faithfully represent the quality of the original.

Transform your one of a kind print into an easily accessible digital format