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Understanding Document Indexing Services

Written by Anna on . Posted in Blog.

Document Indexing involves categorizing a file by attaching relevant details to it, making it easily searchable later on. This tagging could include information like dates, names, and addresses. These indexed data points are stored in either a specialized database or a document management system, providing users with an organized framework to locate files and input data.

The Importance of Precision in Document Indexing

When a document is successfully indexed, it should be effortlessly located based on the established indexing guidelines. Implementing these guidelines should be a meticulous process; errors or omissions in data could lead to significant challenges in locating documents later.

Methods for Extracting Index Data from Documents

Index data can be obtained from scanned files using various techniques:

  • Barcode Indexing: Using barcodes to streamline the indexing process.

  • Document Capture Software: Software solutions designed to automatically capture and index data.

  • OCR Indexing: Optical Character Recognition software to identify and index text within documents.

  • Manual Indexing: The traditional method of manually entering data points for indexing.

A Reliable Partner in Document Indexing: ScanHouse America

With years of expertise, ScanHouse America has indexed millions of documents for a diverse range of clients across the United States. Utilizing industry-leading capture software, our imaging specialists have automated significant portions of the indexing process. To ensure quality, we implement a multi-stage, double-blind verification process for each document, achieving over 99% accuracy.

We have extensive experience in handling various types of records, such as:

  • Land Records: Including mortgage and conveyance documents for clerks and recorders.

  • Office Documents: From personal to corporate files.

  • Medical and Legal Records: Secure handling and accurate indexing.

  • Historical Archives: Preservation and indexing for easy retrieval.

  • Municipal Records: City or town-related documents.

  • Client and Project Paperwork: Files related to different projects or clients.

  • HR and Accounting: Including employee files and financial documents.

  • Budgets, Invoices, and Receipts: For easy financial tracking.

  • Sales Orders and Logistics: For supply chain and sales management.

  • Personal Documents: Such as notes and personal messages.

By offering comprehensive and precise document indexing services, ScanHouse America remains a trusted name in the industry.

We are experts at scanning your documents in Seattle. To get a free Quote Request today, fill out the form on our site or give us a call at (425) 818-1221. We’ll be in contact to help you with your project.