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Digitize or Store? Why Storing Documents in a Garage is a Bad Idea

Written by Anna on . Posted in Blog.

Storing physical documents, like paper documents, in non-climate-controlled areas such as a garage or storage can result in various issues. There are several reasons why it is not advisable to store documents in such places and why digitizing them is a better alternative.

Risks of Storing Documents in Non-Climate-Controlled Areas

  • Damage: Documents stored in a garage are at risk of damage from moisture, temperature fluctuations, and pests. This can lead to fading, discoloration, and even destruction of the documents.
  • Inaccessibility: Physical documents stored in a garage may be challenging to access or retrieve, especially if it is not properly organized or labeled. This may result in unnecessary time and effort spent on searching for the correct documents.

Benefits of Digitizing Documents

  • Preservation: Scanning documents creates a digital copy that can be stored electronically. This eliminates the risk of damage from the elements and ensures that the documents can be accessed and retrieved easily.
  • Accessibility: Digitized documents can be easily shared, searched, and edited.
  • Security: Digital documents can be password-protected and encrypted, protecting them from unauthorized access and keeping them confidential.
  • Space-saving: Digitizing eliminates the need for storage of physical documents, saving space.

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